Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Today I've been busy making drink bottle labels and some decorative Pom-Poms for the party. I enjoyed it, especially when they turn out great.

Cut the Cardstock into 20cm by 4.5cm strip, this is the cardstock I used but you can use anything you like.

Get your clear tape and cover over your strip leaving some extra on each side,

Get your water bottle and take the old label off.

Stick your new label turning slowly til you get to the other end.

I made these little stickers on the computer. I cut them out and then stick them to the front of the bottles . I left a space at the bottom to add the kids names on it.

End result...... Looks great !!!!

Decorative Pom-Poms
I thought I'd make these Pom-Poms to hang here and there at the party.This is the first time I made these, didn't realise how easy they are to make AND you only need 3 materials (tissue paper, scissors & kitchen ties).

Stack 8 sheets of tissue paper.

Make accordion folds, creasing each fold

Grab your kitchen ties (I just used these kitchen bag ties)

Fold the wire and slip over centre of folded tissue, twist with scissors and trim ends.

Cut ends of tissue into rounded or pointy shapes.

Separate layers pulling away from centre one at a time.

End Result......Looks great if I don't say so myself !

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  1. I say so too!,! Very creative ideas - might steal for a future party lol!