Sunday, July 8, 2012

Glitz & Glamour Party -- Finally here!

It's finally here.....Yesterday was my daughter's Glitz & Glamour Party.
This party was so much fun to plan and organise, the girls had sooo much fun. One girl said it was the best party she's ever been to, made me feel so proud lol.

I had 4 stations set up one for Jewellery Making, one for make-up, one for Nails and another for Hair.

When the first girls started to arrive at 3pm I sent them to the Jewellery Making table to make some bracelets and necklaces. One by one they had turns to get their hair, nails & make-up done, which I had great help with, my friend Patricia was on Hair duty, my niece Vanessa was on Make-up duty and I was on Nails. Every girl got a little Tiara in her hair.

Once  everybody was all glammed up the girls took some photos in my amazing Photo Booth  which I made. The girls absloutely LOVED it. I had a box of dress ups in it as well.

They played one round of pass the parcel, everyone got a prize.
Then was 5pm so it was time to eat. I just got some pizzas delievered (so easy). After everyone ate they played musical statues, musical bops and then another round of pass the parcel.

It was Cake time and I made a cute purse cake with a little help from my amazing kids. They played some more games until 6pm came and parents started to come to collect their kids and the party was sadly over :( 
They all went home with cute favor Purses filled with lollies, Tiara's, Jewellery they made and prizes they won :))

Here are only a few pictures of the party:

You can find all of the details for the party on the website.
Or click on the links for DIY's.

 Feel free to ask or comment about anything you like.


  1. I am following you through email and I'm wondering how I can get the templete for the purse invitation set to my email. Would love to use it for my daughters birthday

  2. I am following I would like to see if I can get the template for the purses invation dora
    Thank you love it

  3. Of course you can....can you give me your email?